The no. 1 solution for temperature-controlled medication in Home Care

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Increased flexibility:

With the NelumBox, you can make the care of your patients much more manageable. You no longer have to rely on an external specialist logistician to ensure that the medication reaches the patient on time. Use NelumBox to transport your patients' medicines carefree. Extensively certified and GDP+ compliant.

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Up to 90% cost savings
Thanks to NelumBox you can save up to 90 percent in logistics costs. Instead of relying on the punctuality of external specialist logisticians, you can equip your nursing staff with a NelumBox. Increase the satisfaction of your customers and the nursing staff.
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The future lays in the patient centricity

Every third newly approved Rx drug requires a cold-chain - and the trend is rising. Transport the drugs to be administered to the patients' homes yourself. Prevent errors caused by the transport and packaging of external logisticians. NelumBox not only saves you time and money but also increases flexibility for your patients and nursing staff.

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