NelumBox – The world’s most advanced thermo solution for goods requiring temperature control

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NelumBox – The world’s most
advanced thermal solution for goods
requiring temperature control


  • Convenient & secure stationary use
  • Certified pharmaceutical fridge
  • For use in laboratories, hospitals, pharmacies & home care


  • Up to 48 hours of runtime
  • Fully GDP+ compliant
  • For couriers, ambulances & home care

Exchangeable Power Source

  • Extend runtime by changing batteries
  • Two lithium-Ion batteries (IATA conform)
  • Recharge at any power source

Multifunctional Display

  • Monitor temperature and location (GPS + GSM)
  • Easily switch into flight mode
  • Customize temperature ranges between 0 – 70°C

Electrical RFID Lock

  • Personalized access with optional RFID-lock
  • Easily integrate existing RFID-cards
  • Digitally trace and control access


  • Pre-calibrated NIST temperature sensor
  • Highly sterile materials and easy to clean & disinfect
  • Inner dimension: 165x125x205 mm (5l)


  • Choose out of a range of additional accessories
  • Customize your NelumBox package

NelumBox Features

NelumBox Features

NelumBox Features

Welcome to the future of temperature-controlled logistics.
Experience the world’s most advanced thermal solution.

NelumBox is the first active cold chain solution capable of cooling and heating.

As a stationary and mobile device, you may run NelumBox up to 24 hours per charge or even indefinitely by simply exchanging batteries or recharging at any given electricity source.

Enjoy peace of mind, thanks to built-in sensors that display events in real-time and in addition report directly to the Tec4Cloud.

Easily secure your valuable goods by granting personalized access to only the most trustworthy people.




Technical Facts

Outer dimension

360x350x220mm (27l)

Inner dimension

165x125x205mm (4,7l)