SmartHub - Real-time Monitoring on the example of International Clinical Trial Shipping

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The Challenge


To ensure quality control and improve the overall monitoring process for their clinical trial logistics, a clinical research organization (CRO) was looking for a cost-efficient and sustainable real-time tracking solution. The CRO demanded a tracking solution for temperature and shock on the box- instead of pallet-level. It was the CRO’s goal to improve its logistics processes by implementing a just-in-time approach to save costs and simplify workflows.

Their existing real-time tracking solution was not capable of saving data points during the loss of connection, which is why they required a second data monitoring device in the form of a standard USB data logger. Having these two separate solutions for data monitoring caused not only additional costs but also significant extra work since the data from both devices had to be read and merged before they could be compared and analyzed.

The Solution


With the SmartHub and SmartBeacon, we have been able to solve these challenges and provide additional benefits on top. To cut costs, we implemented only one SmartHub per pallet, which connects to every SmartBeacon placed at the inside of every box. Thus, the SmartHub is used on the one hand as a real-time tracking solution monitoring the outside parameters, and on the other hand, as a gateway that collects all data from the SmartBeacons in each individual box and send it securely to the Tec4Cloud.

Even if the connection to the mobile phone network is interrupted, the SmartBeacons and SmartHub store all data points on their internal memory and send them to the Tec4Cloud as soon as they reconnect. In combination with automated temperature alerts, we can intervene each shipment in the case of any critical situation in real-time. On top, the automated transport reports help our client to minimize the workload for reporting and compliance while saving costs and time by permanently improving workflows. 



For full supply chain automation, the SmartHub and SmartBeacon can also be used for tracking all incoming and outgoing goods automatically. Therefore, SmartHub is installed at the loading zone of any logistic center or warehouse. This way, all passing SmartBeacons can be read-out autonomously, and predefined trigger points update the overall shipment status. 

SmartBeacons that are leaving the warehouse trigger events such as “Shipment started,” whereas SmartBeacons, that are entering geo-fencing-zones of the final address trigger “Shipment completed.” All transport reports are sent and updated automatically and stored at the Tec4Cloud to match full GDP compliance. 

SmartHub & SmartBeacon


Bring your logistics and supply chain management to the next level.

The SmartHub introduces a new level of quality to your real-time tracking by digitalizing and automating your supply chain, warehouse, and fleet.

  • Improved real-time tracking
  • Automate processes
  • Fully digitalize supply chains
  • Access control for safety-relevant shipments
  • Integration for Tec4Cloud