NelumBox - Last-mile delivery on the example of Home Nursing

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Home nursing providers are facing the challenge of transporting and storing temperature-sensitive medication. The nurses have to carry cold chain requiring medicines for a whole day, administering these drugs to 8 patients and even more in a single shift.

One workaround for this challenge is often done by installing pharmaceutical fridges at the nurse’s home to store the medication. Also converting the nurse’s cars by installing in-build refrigerators in the trunks in addition to additional car batteries to assure a proper energy supply.

The personnel needs to track the temperature with an external data logger placed in the fridges as well as between transportation of the drugs from the refrigerator to the car and from the vehicle to the patient. This results in additional paperwork to ensure and archive the temperature of the pharmaceuticals in addition to the paperwork for the administration itself.

The existing processes result in a lot of bureaucracy, which keeps the nurses from their proper work: Helping people.

The Solution


Together with Tec4med, there is a new way of storing and transporting temperature-sensitive medication. As a first step, every nurse receives a NelumBox to securely carry the medicine throughout the day without having to convert a private car. NelumBox can charge while it is connected to the cigarette lighter socket. Nonetheless, most nurses do not require an external power source at all, since the NelumBox provides a proper battery supply lasting for the whole day. 

Also, the Tec4Cloud automates the whole bookkeeping, by creating temperature reports, which let the nurses focus on their primary task again. On top of that, the loss of products is minimized thanks to real-time alerts in case of unauthorized access and temperature deviations at the device and via the Tec4Cloud. 



Discover new and innovative ways of providing the best quality of home care, improving the quality of your service while cutting costs, and adding value at the same time.

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