NelumBox – The world’s most
advanced thermo solution for cold
chain required goods


  • Convenient & secure stationary use
  • Certified pharmaceutical fridge
  • For laboratories, hospitals & pharmacies


  • Up to 48 hours of runtime
  • Fully GDP+ compliant
  • For couriers, ambulances & home care

Exchangeable Power Source

  • Extending runtime by changing batteries
  • Two lithium-Ion batteries (IATA conform)
  • Rechargeable at any electricity source

Multifunctional Display

  • Monitor temperature, GPS and GSM anytime
  • Easily switch into flight mode
  • Customize temperature ranges between 0 – 70°C

Electrical RFID Lock

  • Optional RFID-lock with personalized access
  • Usage of your existing RFID-cards possible
  • Digital traceability and access control


  • Exchangeable pre-calibrated NIST temperature sensor
  • Highly sterile materials and easy to clean & disinfect
  • Beautiful ambient lighting


  • Choose out of a range of additional supplies
  • Customize your NelumBox package

NelumBox Cloud

Keep track of all relevant data in real time in over 70 countries:

Easily access and manage your data via cloud trough the advanced management system including:

  • User management
  • NelumBox software updates over the air
  • Automated push notifications via text message and email
  • Fully encrypted remote access and data exchange
  • Automated export of reports as pdf, csv, and many more