SmartHub - Warehouse Temperature Monitoring as a Service

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The Challenge


Since most pharmaceutical products are temperature-sensitive, they require specific storage conditions. Even in specially designed warehouses with the latest air conditioning, temperature zones can differ a couple of degrees.

To monitor the exact temperature and humidity conditions of chemicals stored in a warehouse, a pharmaceutical manufacturer was looking for a solution to easily track the temperature and humidity within their warehouse, including cold and ambient storage zones, in a highly automated way. 

The Solution


The SmartHub and SmartBeacon system fit their demand perfectly. SmartHubs are installed on strategic places around the warehouse to cover the most comprehensive BLE range possible. The SmartBeacons are placed at different locationsthus tracking the most relevant areas such as the nearest and the furthest points between the air conditioning and the shelves. Furthermore, various SmartBeacons are installed in the cold storage cells. The SmartBeacons are transferring all relevant information in real-time to the SmartHubs and the SmartHubs in turn to the Tec4Cloud.

Since the SmartBeacons are configurable, the temperature ranges for triggering an alert can be individually set depending on the sensitivity of the chemicals stored. This way, an overall temperature and warning map can be installed at the warehouse always to capture the correct storage and handling parameters of all goods in real-time. 

In case of an alert, an automated text message or email is sent to inform the warehouse staff.