SmartHub - Warehouse Temperature Monitoring as a Service

Real-time warehouse temperature monitoring for regulatory compliance with BRC, GMP, and MHRA. Completely wireless for a simple and easy configuration and data retrieval. Ideal for warehouses and storage rooms in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Why do I need to use a temperature monitoring system for my warehouse?


Since most pharmaceutical products are temperature-sensitive, they require specific storage conditions. Even in specially designed warehouses with the latest air conditioning, temperature zones can differ a couple of degrees.

To monitor the exact temperature and humidity conditions of chemicals stored in a warehouse, pharmaceutical manufacturers need to look for a solution to easily track the temperature and humidity. Including cold and ambient storage zones.

Temperature and humidity in pharmaceutical warehouses

Temperature and humidity can have a significant impact on the condition of stored goods in a warehouse, such as medicines, biologicals, or sensitive pharmaceutical goods. Precise monitoring makes it possible to ensure that the highly sensitive substances do not become unusable or take damage. This can not only prevent financial damage but also potentially protects customers and patients from broken products. In addition, warehouse monitoring is the legal requirement to prove that the warehouse is within any regulations and standards.


The solution: SmartHub, Beacon Data Logger and the Tec4Cloud monitoring devices


The SmartHub and Beacon Data Logger system fit their demand perfectly. Easily install a SmartHub in strategic places around the warehouse to cover the most comprehensive Bluetooth range possible. Place any amount of Beacons at different locationsthus tracking the most relevant areas. E.g. the nearest and the furthest points between the air conditioning and the shelves. Furthermore, place various Beacons e.g. in the cold storage cells. The SmartHub will be reading-out all nearby Beacons relevant information in real-time and transferring it to the Tec4Cloud.

Individual configurations

Configure the Beacons individually. The temperature ranges for triggering an alert then depend on the sensitivity of the goods in your warehouse. This way, it is easy to install an overall temperature and warning map at the warehouse. Always capture the correct storage and handling parameters of all goods in real-time. 

In case of an alert, an automated text message or email is sent to inform the warehouse staff warning them of deviations.

SmartHub & Beacons

SmartHub & Beacons

SmartHub & Beacons


Temperature (-200° to +80°C)


humidity, shock, GPS


Calibrated for GDP / GMP compliance (ISO, NIST, DAkkS)


Wireless & automatic

Tec4Cloud & Tec4App

Tec4Cloud & Tec4App

Tec4Cloud & Tec4App


21 CFR Part11

Server location



Alarms, reports, uploads & archive

Questions about the Tec4med pharmaceutical warehouse temperature monitoring?

Tec4med's reliable warehouse temperature monitoring system also works in industrial halls and large warehouses. Thanks to the latest Bluetooth 5.0 Long Range integration, the data read-out is viable over long distances. This provides optimal coverage in your warehouse and enables temperature and humidity measurements at all locations.

We also attach great importance to data security with warehouse monitoring devices. The highest level of data encryption ensures that only authorized employees view and analyze the measured date. The data is not passed on to third parties and is only logged and archived for your purposes.

High humidity can lead to condensation on walls and ceilings and encourage the growth of mould, germs and bacteria.

The humidity recording and monitoring is an obligation according to the type of goods stored and in accordance with legal requirements. For example, warehouses for pharmaceutical products must comply with MHRA  and GDP.

The Tec4med warehouse temperature monitoring system measures both temperature and humidity and warns them s when the values exceed the thresholds.

The temperature usually fluctuates the nearest doors, windows, and gates. employees use and often open them and allow warmer air to enter.

However, it is not necessarily possible to make a general statement about where you should install the warehouse monitoring devices from Tec4med within your warehouse. After all, every warehouse's structure differs from storage to storage. In order to find out where measurements make sense, you should first carry out random measurements or cover the warehouse sufficiently with data loggers.

Our Tec4Cloud system includes an analytical charting tool that allows you to compare measured data. With the exclusive "Site Manager" you can also set thresholds for specific areas. This allows building a systematic data measurement in your warehouse.

All data can be exported to a PDF protocol.

The beacon loggers from Tec4med are not only suitable for use in warehouses but also for transport throughout the entire logistics chain. They come in robust plastic housings and are IP55 protected.

Yes, the warehouse monitoring system from Tec4med also offers excellent coverage for low-temperature areas. The Beacon data loggers can be extended with suitable probes. For example, the common temperature ranges of dry ice (-78°C) and liquid nitrogen (-196°C) are also easily possible.

The basic functions of Tec4Cloud are free of charge. You receive access to the cloud with the warehouse monitoring devices.

No installation is necessary for the software. You can access your data from any smartphone, tablet, or PC using a standard web browser.