Warehouse Temperature Monitoring for GxP Cold Chain

Many warehouses, cold rooms, and cryogenic areas require real-time warehouse temperature and humidity monitoring to comply with BRC, GMP, GDP, and MHRA regulations. In the pharmaceutical sector, reliable, seamless condition monitoring in the warehouse is all the more critical. This involves the safety of the products, which must be stored in a cool place and are often rendered unusable by even slight deviations in temperature, and complete and verifiable compliance with all guidelines and regulations. The transport and storage of temperature-sensitive goods pose various challenges for manufacturers and logisticians.
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Why do I need a storage temperature monitoring system?

Since most pharmaceutical products are temperature sensitive, they require special storage conditions. Even in specially designed warehouses with state-of-the-art climate control, temperature zones can vary by a few degrees.

To accurately monitor the temperature and humidity conditions (condition monitoring) of chemicals stored in a warehouse, pharmaceutical manufacturers must look for a solution that allows them to easily track the temperature and humidity in their warehouses, including refrigerated and ambient storage zones.

Temperature and humidity can have a significant impact on the condition of stored goods in a warehouse, such as medicines, biologicals or sensitive pharmaceutical goods. Close monitoring can ensure that highly sensitive substances do not become unusable or damaged. This can not only prevent financial damage but also potentially protect customers and patients from damaged products. In addition, warehouse temperature monitoring provides the legally required proof that all regulations and standards are being adhered to.

The solution for devices for warehouse mapping & condition monitoring: SmartHub, Beacon Data Logger, and the Tec4Cloud

The SmartHub and Beacon Data Logger system perfectly fits your requirements. The SmartHubs are installed at strategic locations in the warehouse to cover the largest possible 2.4 GHz frequency range. Beacon Data Loggers are then placed in various locations so that all key areas, such as the closest and furthest points between the air conditioning and the racks, are covered. Additional Beacons can also be installed in different temperature areas. These include warehouses, cold rooms, fridges, and freezers, as well as dry ice & cryogenic containers. The SmartHubs read out all Beacon information in real-time and automatically transmit it to the Tec4Cloud.

As the Beacons are configurable, the temperature ranges for triggering an alarm can be set individually, depending on the sensitivity of the stored goods. In this way, an overall temperature and warning map can be installed in the warehouse, which always records the correct storage and handling parameters of all goods in real-time.

In the event of an alarm, an automatic text message or email is sent to inform the warehouse staff and warn of any deviations.

SmartHub & Beacons

SmartHub & Beacons

SmartHub & Beacons


temperature (-200° to +80°C)


humidity, GPS, shock


calibrated for GDP / GMP (ISO, NIST, DAkkS)

Data read-out:

wireless & automatic

Tec4Cloud & Tec4App

Tec4Cloud & Tec4App

Tec4Cloud & Tec4App


21 CFR Part11

Server position

Germany / Frankfurt a. M.


alarms, protocols, uploads & archive


via webbrowser

The reliable warehouse mapping system from Tec4med also works in industrial halls and large warehouses. Thanks to the latest 2.4 GHz integration, the data can be read out over long wireless distances. This ensures optimal coverage in your warehouse and enables temperature and humidity measurements at all locations.

We also attach great importance to data security in the warehouse temperature monitoring devices. All transmitted data is encrypted and can only be read and viewed by authorized staff. The data is not passed on to third parties and is only logged and archived for your purposes.

High humidity can lead to condensation on walls and ceilings and promote the growth of mold, germs, and bacteria.

The humidity of the space must be recorded and monitored according to the type of goods stored and in accordance with legal requirements. For example, warehouses for pharmaceutical products must comply with the MHRA (Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency) and GDP (Goods Distribution Practice).

The Tec4med storage temperature monitoring system measures both temperature and humidity and warns when values exceed predefined limits.

Die Temperatur schwankt in der Regel an den nächstgelegenen Türen, Fenstern und Toren. Diese werden oft geöffnet und lassen die meist wärmere Luft eindringen.

Eine generelle Aussage darüber, wo Sie die Lagerüberwachungsgeräte von Tec4med in Ihrem Lager installieren sollten, lässt sich jedoch nicht unbedingt treffen. Schließlich ist jedes Lager anders strukturiert. Um herauszufinden, wo Messungen sinnvoll sind, sollten Sie zunächst stichprobenartig Messungen durchführen oder das Lager ausreichend mit Datenloggern abdecken.

Our Tec4Cloud system includes an analytical charting tool that allows you to compare measurement data. With the exclusive "Site Manager" you can also set thresholds for specific areas. This allows you to set up systematic data measurement in your warehouse.

All data can be exported to a PDF log.

The Beacon data loggers from Tec4med are not only suitable for use in warehouses, but also for transport throughout the logistics chain. They are supplied in robust plastic housings and are protected according to IP55.

Yes, Tec4med's warehouse monitoring system also offers excellent coverage for low temperature ranges. The Beacon data loggers can be expanded with suitable probes. For example, the common temperature ranges of dry ice (-78°C) and liquid nitrogen (-196°C) are also possible without any problems.

You get access to the cloud with the warehouse monitoring devices.

No installation is necessary for the software. You can access your data from any smartphone, tablet or PC via a standard web browser.