Monitoring Medical Cannabis

Real-Time GxP Temperature and Humidity Mapping & Tracking Devices

Climate is directly affecting the quality of medical products. Increasingly more medication needs to be refrigerated and monitored to ensure that the environmental conditions have been met. Especially medical cannabis monitoring is important, throughout the entire production and supply chain. An attempt must be made to produce consistent quality while handling temperature-sensitive goods. Tec4med's SmartLock Gateway & Beacon monitoring system measures all relevant data in real-time serves as a digital seal in transport and enables GxP-compliant handling of sensitive goods, e.g. in medical cannabis laboratories, during the drying process, or in temperature-controlled storage and refrigerators. Learn more

Strict requirements for the monitoring medical cannabis


Pharma retailers specializing in medical marijuana and cannabis products are facing proper monitoring from the growing phases to the delivery. There are four periods of cannabis growing, all requiring different temperature and humidity levels: Seedling, vegetation, flowering, and late flowering. To ensure consistent product quality, it is necessary that the plants always grow under the same conditions. This requires constant monitoring of temperature and humidity: Throughout the greenhouse phase and during examinations in the in-house laboratory in order to be able to react to temperature fluctuations.

In addition, strict access control during production and transport is extremely important. This is because in many countries cannabis is only permitted for medical purposes and is otherwise considered a narcotic or drug. In order to make sure that no goods are stolen, it must therefore be ensured that the expensive substances are monitored during every transport, even after production.

Because marijuana and cannabis products are considered medical substances, they are also subject to GxP (GMP, GDP, GLP) guidelines. Meeting these often requires elaborate SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) and personnel trained in them. A time-consuming, cost-intensive, but also an error-prone process that can be simplified by Tec4med's solutions:

The Solution: Mapping & Monitoring Medical Cannabis


With the SmartHub Gateway & Beacon monitoring system, it is easy to establish a mapping and monitoring of the entire greenhouse and warehouse. Beacon data loggers are placed at various locations and measure temperature and humidity. The SmartHub gateway then reads the data loggers in real time. That enables immediate detection of critical temperature deviations or cold and hot spots and sends out an alarm. This allows employees to respond directly.

In addition, all measured data can be viewed in the cloud software from any computer, smartphone, or tablet via a web browser. No installation and no manual readout via USB are necessary. The SmartHub gateway automatically sends all collected data from the Beacons to the cloud. Here they are graphically processed and provided to you as a GxP and CFR Part 11 compliant PDF protocol for download. This not only saves time and effort by manually entering data into lists but also prevents error-prone processes and thus costs. Also, it allows your staff to concentrate on other important things.

Gateway & Beacon

Gateway & Beacon

Gateway & Beacon


temperature (-200 to +80°C)


humidity, shock, access, GPS


calibrated for GxP compliance (ISO, NIST, DAkkS)


wireless & automatic read-out





FDA 21 CFR Part 11

Server location:



alarms, PDF-reports, uploads & archive

Furthermore: Sealed Monitoring Boxes for Medical Cannabis


Tec4med provides the SmartHub GatewayBeacon data logger system paired with appropriate multi-use shippers specially designed for the use of SmartHub (SmartLock version)With multi-use shippers made of EPS plastics, an unrecognized manipulation of the parcel is easily preventable. Further, the SmartHub is locking and tracking the unit as a digital seal in real-time. Thanks to SmartHub’s locking functionality, only authorized employees can unlock the box and access the products. During transit, any attempt of manipulation is recognized, alarms are triggered and the Cloud is sending a notification. 

Besides securing and sealing the payload, it is also easily possible to monitor humidity and temperature at all times. By automatically creating and saving transport PDF reports, the Tec4Cloud helps to stay compliant with GDP guidelines.

The boxes are insulated and keep the preferred temperature for hours. With the display of the SmartHub, it is also possible to display a digital shipping label of the usual parcel services.