Cold Chain Shipment Monitoring

Pharmaceutical product innovation generates a growing demand for temperature-controlled logistics and more advanced solutions for cold chain shipment monitoring.
Safety guidelines around environmental conditions for shipping and distribution prescribed by the manufacturer and related regulatory bodies (GDP) require ever-increasing accuracy. Validating these conditions is a regulatory requirement; it must be traceable and in full compliance throughout the entire cold chain.
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Optimal solutions for temperature-controlled transport and storage of pharmaceuticals.


Having next-generation monitoring solutions like Tec4med helps address several logistics challenges in the pharmaceutical cold chain:

  • Navigating an increasingly regulated space
  • Adapting to a growing operational complexity
  • Having better cost control
  • Managing tighter delivery timelines
  • Providing seamless cold chain logistics

We help pharma manufacturers and their cold chain logistics partners gain end-to-end, around-the-clock visibility, whether the products are in storage or in transport, to mitigate the risk of temperature excursions, regulatory non-compliance and possible financial damage.

Compliance with Cold Chain Shipment Monitoring


Tec4med’s real-time data tracking and logging devices, called SmartTag, were specifically designed for the pharmaceutical industry and its global product distribution. The devices are calibrated (according to FCC, CE, RTCA/DO-160G, UN38.3, ROHS, WEEE) and equipped with temperature, humidity, GPS, light, shock, motion, and access sensors.

SmartTag devices provide 24/7 monitoring of real-time environmental data to quickly detect and correct any readings outside of indicated temperature ranges, helping mitigate the risk of damaging sensitive products.

The plug-and-play devices allow for a quick and easy implementation and connect your supply chain to the Tec4Cloud platform for optimal visibility – anytime, anywhere.

fork lift loading truck for temperature monitoring

Key Benefits

Key Benefits

Key Benefits


real-time shipment monitoring

Live data

on the display or Tec4Cloud on any web browser

Protocol download

directly from the device via USB or via Tec4Cloud