Real-time Monitoring for Pharma Supply Chain Visibility

Pharmaceutical cold chain logistics are at an inflection point, seeing significant growth in supply and demand. This growth also translates into higher operational complexity with increasingly tighter regulations and a greater need for end-to-end control over the real-time monitoring for pharma supply chain.
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Optimizing time and costs when demands increase


The pharma supply chain ecosystem must adapt quickly to the increasingly regulated and secure environment on top of continuously improving product safety, timely deliveries and cost efficiency. This is why real-time monitoring technologies are key to managing complex processes of guaranteeing cold chain every step of the way – from manufacturing to storage.

Next-generation monitoring solutions like Tec4med’s TempBeacon and SmartHub Gateway help tackle several logistics challenges in the pharmaceutical cold chain:

  • 24/7 monitoring in the warehouse and during transport
  • Immediate alerts to any temperature deviations
  • Straightforward and exportable data evaluation and analysis
  • Optimal compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Low running costs

Real-time Monitoring Temperature Loggers


Tec4med provides user-friendly, flexible, and fully integrated monitoring solutions that help provide seamless cold chain logistics with a reliable audit trail – from warehousing to cryo storage to long-haul and airfreight shipment monitoring.

While regular USB loggers require multi-step handling, Tec4med’s data loggers are wireless with automatic data transmission, helping avoid error-prone manual work. Temperature, humidity and shock data is collected using a SmartHub gateway and sent to the cloud in real-time, triggering immediate alarms via SMS and email if temperature excursions occur.

Using our wireless data loggers, you gain end-to-end, around-the-clock visibility into the live conditions in transport and in storage to mitigate the risk of product waste, regulatory violations and possible financial damage.

Key benefits

Key benefits

Key benefits

Compliant to pharma

GDP, GMP, GAMP5, ISO17025, FDA 21 CFR Part 11

Fully IATA-compliant

and can be used on aircrafts with no further exceptions

Worldwide data recording

with easy in-app analyses of all sensor data

Risk & cost reduction

through more efficient and safe work processes