The solution for Covid-19 vaccine distribution

& data monitoring

Distributing millions of Covid-19 vaccine doses at temperatures down to -78°C means a huge challenge for the logistics. Tec4med provides you with the fastest way to guarantee the temperature and to record it automatically. Made and Hosted in Germany
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About 15 Million cool box shipments
DHL and McKinsey calculate that it would take 15.000 flights, 15 million cool box shipments, and 200.000 pallet shipments to deliver the millions of vaccine doses. 

The challenges of the Covid-19 vaccine

The Covid-19 vaccine distribution faces some unique challenges that go beyond the ones typically faced by pharma companies.


The unprecedented speed-to-market and the lack of extensive test data means that shipping is even more difficult. Once the first vaccine doses are available, they must be distributed as quickly and as safe as possible.


New transport partners, new lanes, and innovative modes are increasing the shipment risk. For areas with good logistical infrastructure, this should be manageable but the challenges arise as the vaccines need to be shipped all around the globe.

Strict requirements

As the vaccines require an unbroken cold chain, a temperature of down to -80 °C must be guaranteed during the entire transport and storage period. Maintaining the temperature range requires the use of the correct transport and storage means.

vaccine temperature monitoring
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The solution: Vaccine shipment monitoring

What most vaccines have in common is that they are bound to an unbroken cold chain: Low-temperature data loggers are specifically designed for use with vaccines. These operate safely even under extreme conditions and can monitor the compliance to the preconditioned temperature ranges. If the temperature range exceeds, alarms will be automatically sent to the distributor.

The Covid-19 vaccine transports require thermal shippers which are specially manufactured for the transport of extremely sensitive temperature-controlled products. It must be prevented that the vaccines become unusable due to temperature excesses. For this purpose, mainly PCM elements and dry ice are used.

Tec4med’s solutions for temperature-controlled logistics are precisely where the challenges in cold chain logistics arise: Such as cool boxes, the devices for data recording, or the software for monitoring and maintaining temperature ranges. 





5l & 17l

Insulation panel

with PCM or dry ice


Cold chain down to -80°C


Reusable and sustainable





Temperature (-200° to +80°C)


humidity, shock, GPS

Battery runtime:

> 1 year


Calibrated for GDP compliance (ISO, NIST)





21 CFR Part11

Server location:


Data readout

Of the CryoBeacon


Alarms, reports, uploads & archive

Quality and compliance is in our DNA

Tec4med Lifescience GmbH is an established company from the Rhein-Main area with headquarters in Darmstadt. With the development of secure monitoring solutions for the pharmaceutical & logistics industry, we offer you supply chain transparency and product safety as well as security and certainty in highly validated, compliant solutions.

From development to manufacturing, to quality control; all Tec4med products are made in Germany and are developed and manufactured according to the standards DIN EN 13485 and FDA 21 CFR Part 820 as a medical device manufacturer. Also we guarantee the security of your data by the server location in Germany and the latest encryption technology.

We offer every customer a complete training and introduction to the simple use of our products with satisfaction guarantee. In addition, you can contact us at any time with questions or problems via our customer support. Tec4med embeds Quality in every single process. We develop, test and provide you with robust, compliant monitoring solutions.

An individual consultation for your specific application is a matter of course for us, contact us!