Effectively lower dropout rates of your clinical trial, while simultaneously saving shipping costs and create added value for your patients.

NelumBox – The most advanced thermo solution for home-based clinical trials

Experience the first real patient-centric fully GDP+ compliant thermo solution for clinical trials. Increase retention rates and acquisition rates while granting patients previously unknown flexibility and freedom.

More flexibility & quality:

NelumBox grants you access to new distribution practices. On the one hand, you can safely store medication at the patient’s home, while monitoring all necessary parameters through NelumBox Cloud. On the other hand, the nurse can flexibly carry drugs to each patient. Saving logistic costs in any way.

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Up to 90% Savings
By switching from old and outdated passive cooling solutions and special logistics providers to innovative NelumBox, clinical trial providers were able to save up to 90 percent logistics expenses, while at the same time significantly increasing patient satisfaction.

The future lies in the home-based clinical trials

Enable your patients with a carefree lifestyle, flexibility, and full independence. By doing so, you will benefit from increased retention rates, as well as increased acquisition rates. NelumBox helps you provide additional benefits and services to the patients while saving logistics costs.

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Bring your clinical trial to the next level by extending full GDP compliance to the patient’s home.