NelumBox receives UL certification

NelumBox has received the UL certificate. To achieve this seal of quality, the NelumBox had to undergo the strict controls of Underwriters Labroratory Inc. All requirements were successfully met to the satisfaction of Tec4med and UL.

Here a short Q&A about what the UL certification is about:

What exactly is UL?

Founded in 1894, Underwriters Labroratory Inc. was established through the increasing use of electrically powered equipment to assess fire hazards.

Even today, fire and personal protection are among the most critical test criteria. In addition to the end product, the scope of testing and certification also includes the materials and individual components of the product.

What distinguishes UL certification from other certification marks?

Unlike IEC standards or FCC markings, which require only minimum safety standards for electrical equipment, UL is a stricter control that encompasses both the manufacturing process and the end product. These checks are carried out regularly by the Incorporation’s inspectors even after certification.

What is the relevance of UL certification?

Above all, a product that has been awarded with the UL seal meets the strict requirements of the US market. Although it is possible to sell products on the North American market without a UL certificate, the certificate is regarded as a quality feature for end devices, which can therefore, be given greater trust.

Worldwide increasing demands on products result in continually changing safety requirements. UL offers a recognized and qualitative testing of the elements with an almost worldwide standardization.