Tec4med At Expopharm Düsseldorf 2019

"Medienhafen" in Düsseldorf, foto: pixabay.com user MichaelGaida

This time the NelumBox is not far from home. In september it’s the capital of NRW. We are participating on the expopharm Düsseldorf 2019 to talk about solutions for pharmacies. Experience the revolution of cold chain last mile shipping for pharmacies and courier services.

Feel free to schedule a meeting with Christian or Martin and visit our booth. Just send us a message or email. We are excited to show you our lovely NelumBox with all its features. Ask us any questions about GDP compliance, mobile & stationary use, safe transport and more. The right way to deal with cold chain requiring drugs can be a unique selling proposition for pharmacies.

If you want to read more about the future challenges for pharmacies regarding GDP compliance check out our full blog article: Good Distribution Practice Für Apotheken immer Relevanter.