FAZ reports on the development of Tec4med during the pandemic

Geschäftsführer Nico Höler präsentiert die NelumBox; Foto: Lucas Bäuml ©

Tec4med has made good use of the challenging time of the pandemic to further develop and constantly improve its products.

The result is a product portfolio that includes real-time trackers, data loggers, and sustainable reusable boxes to promote transparent and secure pharmaceutical logistics, because “[…] in the medium term, digital processes in the pharmaceutical industry have been significantly accelerated.” – Nico Höler

However, the Managing Director also warns against portraying pharmaceutical logistics exclusively as a winner of the pandemic: “One would think that pharmaceutical logistics experienced a boom during the pandemic. However, we should not forget that parts of logistics were lost, for example, due to a lack of deliveries.”

If you would like to learn more about the development of Tec4med and Nico Höler’s summary of the development of his young company during the pandemic, please read the entire article in the FAZ.