The First Tec4med Webinar: A Review

The first Tec4med webinar took place on January 23, 2020, under the heading of “How smart technologies are accelerating the shift towards patient centricity. – A closer look at NelumBox and how it’s revolutionizing the delivery of temperature-controlled medicines.”

In the webinar Nico Höler, CEO and co-founder of Tec4med discussed the topic with the company’s partner Paul Saratsionis, the leader of Cryologex. Paul recently partnered with Tec4med Lifescience and is working towards bringing their flagship NelumBox to market.

The webinar explained how advanced digital technologies are impacting and changing healthcare delivery, increasing access to patients in both commercial and clinical settings, optimizing complex logistics processes for personalized and home healthcare programs, enhancing product security, and streamlining product data and visibility.

Höler wants to improve the patient’s everyday life; therefore, he is designing products that set the patient into the center of any process. User experience and patient satisfaction are the main goals of his vision.

On the event day, healthcare professionals, including experts and longstanding employees for technological innovation and supply chain management, participated in the webinar. The attendees joined from all around the world and belong to different sectors like pharma, clinical research, supply and distribution, and healthcare logistics.

The webinar was the first of its kind for the startup company from Darmstadt and is considered an enormous success. So not only could the participants take away useful information on the topic of patient centricity, but also the two speakers could draw their conclusions from the requirements of the industry.

Höler intends to continue this format in the future. It offers the possibility of an exchange with industry experts without having to accept long travel times and costs. A win-win situation for all participants and a great event to move the pharma industry towards the future. Together.

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