Intern/Trainee (m/f/d)

To every one of you pupils, students and others who desperately yearn for an internship at Tec4med. We know you want to throw your dreams overboard, sell your soul and life to the greater cause of making us a coffee. We know you want to dedicate your life to become the sensei of coffee, the connoisseur of brown gold, the master of beans, the shocker of mocha, the cappu of chino. Don't we all just want to espress our selves? I hate to tell you this, but we have a coffee machine. As much as we love you, so big are our fears of commitment. We just cannot be with you right now. It's really not up to you. For everyone else, whos skills reach beyond transforming black beans into hot brown water. Apply. We are not too bad.  

Your responsibilities:

  • Convince the management to get an office lama.
  • If we cannot have a lama, we want a unicorn.
  • Supply everyone with chocolate.
  • Lose at Mario Cart.
  • Write a 5-star review on Kununu.
  • The rest depends on your set of skills, let's talk about it.

What we expect:

  • You have fun to work independently and solution-oriented; you are also able to acquire autodidactic skills.
  • You speak and write German and English fluently.
  • You have a feel and/or understanding of digital markets and products.
  • You have the motivation to get deeply involved in topics and to become an expert in them.
  • First startup experiences are a bonus.

That awaits you:

  • Exciting insights into a successful and aspiring tech startup that doesn't take itself too seriously.
  • Highly motivated team.
  • Self-responsible solution-oriented and creative work.
  • Flat hierarchies, short decision paths, open corporate culture.
  • A new office with all amenities.
  • Fun and exciting team events.
  • Guaranteed humorous 9-5 office stallions & mares.