“Rethinking Packaging”: NelumBox as part of the newest trends in the packaging industry

“Rethinking Packaging” is the latest report by DHL published most recently. The focus of the publication is the future in the logistics industry and explaining the emergence of a new packaging era.

With it the company tells the story of the growth of trade in history and its dependency on packaging development. The reliability, effectiveness, and inexpensiveness have helped the process of exchanging goods over the years. Moreover, the whole process of packaging has needs and requirements that are dependent on the region, customers, and transported products.

Nowadays, the packaging sector is rethinking its old ways and bringing new methods to meet society’s needs. The traditional e-commerce and direct to customer delivery have proven itself to be one of the biggest trends, followed by the need to improve sustainability and reduce waste.

The publication is expressing the vision that both implementing eco-friendlier materials and adopting smart packaging solutions are the new ways to go. And when it comes to innovation, healthcare, and life sciences, as the report has shown too, NelumBox is the perfect example for the purpose. The distribution of goods in this sector depends on tightly managed – and strongly regulated – temperature-controlled supply chains from production to the point of use. NelumBox is changing the patterns of pharmaceutical packaging systems by meeting every one of these requirements. The box keeps the transported medications safe on their needed temperature, gives the possibility for multiple usages, and brings the waste to zero.

Meeting all requirements of modern society innovatively and sustainably, NelumBox is ready for the future of packaging in the logistics industry.