Tec4med at Air Cargo Conference 2020

Tec4med CEO Nico Höler is on of the speakers at the Air Cargo Conference 2020.

The Air Cargo Conference will take place again in 2020, this time with Tec4med!

Tec4med CEO Nico Höler will give an exciting presentation on “Real-time monitoring for air cargo in Covid-19 times”.

This year’s conference will focus on the contribution of air cargo in the pandemic as well as the outlook for a sustainable and digitally driven air freight.

The Air Cargo Conference will take place on 26 and 27 August at the House of Logistics and Mobility (HOLM) in Gateway Gardens at Frankfurt Airport.

If you would like to meet Nico Höler and Tec4med Lifescience GmbH please visit the conference or participate online. Registrations are open at: https://www.fra-fr8.com/veranstaltungen/air-cargo-conference/