SmartHub - Digital seal/lock on the example of BTM and medical cannabis

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The Challenge


A pharma retailer specialized in medical marijuana and cannabis products faced the challenge of incompletely delivered shipments, which meant not only additional costs but also potential lawsuits and dealing with public authorities. For this reason, they were looking for a real-time tracking solution with integrated GPS-functionality to track down stolen goods, as well as for a way to recognize a manipulation of the payload.

The Solution


Tec4med provides the SmartHub & SmartBeacon solution paired with appropriate multi-use shippers specially designed for the use with SmartHubWith the multi-use shippers made of EPS plastics, an unrecognized manipulation of the parcel is easily preventable, while the SmartHub is locking and tracking the unit as a digital seal in real-time. Thanks to SmartHub’s locking functionality, only the retailer and the pharmacists can unlock the box and access the products. During transit, any attempt of manipulation is recognized, and alarms are triggeredwhile the SmartHub flashes and creates distinct warning sounds, as well as sending a notification to the retailer. 

Besides securing the payload, the retailer is also able to monitor humidity and temperature at all times. By automatically creating and saving transport reports, the Tec4Cloud helps to stay compliant to GDP guidelines.