Monitoring Blood Bags in Emergency Helicopters

Pioneering Collaboration: Setting a New Standard in Emergency Healthcare

The combination of the precision of Tec4med's monitoring solutions and the speed of Johanniter's emergency helicopter personnel will save lives.
Future of Healthcare

Johanniter's Mission

Johanniter, a renowned humanitarian organization in Germany, is dedicated to providing emergency medical services, disaster relief, and community assistance. Their mission is to ensure the well-being of individuals in times of crisis, delivering prompt and efficient medical care to those in need. With a fleet of helicopters, Johanniter plays a crucial role in transporting critical medical supplies, including blood, to patients in remote or urgent situations.

The Challenge: Streamlining Emergency Blood Transport

Transporting temperature-sensitive medical supplies, especially blood, in emergency situations poses significant challenges. Traditional methods often lack the precision and real-time monitoring required to ensure the integrity of these supplies during transit. Johanniter recognized the need for a more advanced and efficient solution to streamline their emergency blood transport services.

The Solution: Tec4med's SmartHub and TempBeacon Integration

In collaboration with Tec4med, Johanniter adopted a cutting-edge solution that combines the SmartHub and TempBeacon technologies. The Cube is equipped with the SmartHub, which serves as the central control and display unit for real-time data monitoring. The TempBeacon, securely placed within the Cube's cooling system, continuously measures and transmits temperature data to the SmartHub, ensuring the constant monitoring of blood supplies during transport.





Ensuring Speed, Safety, and Quality

The SmartHub not only provides real-time temperature and location monitoring but also acts as a secure data hub, transmitting all critical information to Tec4med's cloud in real-time. This integrated approach allows Johanniter's medical teams to monitor the condition of blood supplies seamlessly, ensuring that they remain within the required temperature range throughout the journey.

This advanced technology has transformed the way Johanniter responds to emergencies. The Cube, with its SmartHub and TempBeacon integration, has become an essential tool in their medical helicopters, enabling medical teams to deliver life-saving blood transfusions directly to patients.

Trailblazing in Germany

While similar technologies are in use in countries like England, the collaboration between Tec4med and Johanniter marks a groundbreaking development in Germany. The adoption of the Cube with SmartHub and TempBeacon for emergency blood transport is setting new standards in the country's healthcare landscape, showcasing the potential for technology to enhance the speed, safety, and quality of medical services.

Johanniter's commitment to leveraging innovative solutions underscores their dedication to providing the highest level of care to individuals in critical situations. The success of this collaboration not only elevates emergency medical response in Germany but also paves the way for future advancements in healthcare logistics and emergency services.