NelumBox - Onboard Courier Services on the example of Cell- & Gene-treatments

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The Challenge


A leading Onboard Courier Service (OBC) faced the challenge of shipping highly sensitive medication for Cell&Gene treatments. The patients needing the treatment often were reliant on spontaneous administration of the medicine, which made transportation a highly intense challenge.

The Onboard Courier needed to fly to the OBC Headquarter to pick up the preconditioned passive shipper, then drive to the airport to fly to the laboratory picking up the medication. Afterward, deliver the medicines to the treating hospital, only to fly back home and send the passive shipper back to the headquarter via mail service. This process made the whole shipping more expensive, time-consuming, and risky. It lacked real-time tracking, which had to be done through manual updates by the OBC via text message to the headquarter, then back to the client. Besides, the trips became even longer and were nearly impossible to pursue spontaneously.

The Solution


The Onboard Courier Service started a test with NelumBox specifically for expensive, high value and temperature-sensitive goods. Every OBC working for the client received a NelumBox and stored it at their home. That way, the company saved on the initial flight to the headquarter and the transport back after finishing the trip. Furthermore, Tec4medCloud enabled full real-time visibility for the client, who was able to prepare the administration of the medication just in time.

Besides, the demand for flexible and more spontaneous transports of the client was met. Thanks to NelumBox not needing preconditioning, the OBC was only dependent on the next flight to the given destination.

Also, NelumBox enables a new business case by changing the temperature on the run and extending the runtime by carrying additional batteries or charging during layovers. That way, the courier is able to deliver the medication change the temperature range and pick up another cargo and transport it to the next destination instead of picking up another passive shipper first.



While working with NelumBox und Tec4Cloud as a tracking system, the Onboard Courier Service plans to integrate their existing data monitoring hardware into the Tec4Cloud. Their goal is to gather all information in one software and manage their shipments as well as providing personalized access for their customers to send temperature reports and more automatically.



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