SmartHub - Supply Chain Automation on the example of Pharma Retail

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The Challenge


A European pharma retail company faced the challenge of getting ready for future changes in regulations regarding the monitoring of temperature-sensitive medicine. The company wanted to gain an edge over their competitors by investing in technologies on-time and before statutory changes.  

Their requirements included an ecologic system suited for multiple-use, sustainable, and economic friendly packaging solutions, as well as highly automated and customizable processes. Furthermore, the technology they were looking for should combine various functionalities, focusing on the overall automation of the supply chain. 

The Solution


With the help of the SmartHub & SmartBeacon System, we implemented a supply chain automation for outgoing and incoming goods. Every multi-use shipper is equipped with a SmartBeacon, which monitors temperature and humidity at all times. The shipments are created by default within the Tec4Cloud, and temperature reports are sent automatically via email upon delivery. 

For automated data readouts, SmartHub gateways are installed at the loading zoneregistering all passing SmartBeacons entering or leaving the logistics center. While on their way, the SmartBeacons connect to an installed SmartHub in the transporter sending all relevant parameters in real-time. Even if the connection is lost, the SmartHubs and SmartBeacons store their data points internally and send them as soon as they reconnect. 

Thanks to the automation, the paperwork is reduced to a minimum, and the amount of manual work, such as reading out USB data loggers, became obsolete. 



To secure anesthetics during transportation, the company is additionally using the locking function of the SmartHub to secure the cargo with a digital seal. Tec4med is developing multi-use shippers with a specific notch fitting the SmartHub perfectly to protect expensive and vulnerable medication from theft or any other unauthorized access. The SmartHub can be unlocked via geo-fencing, access tokens, or remotely controlled through the Tec4Cloud. 

SmartHub & SmartBeacon


Bring your logistics and supply chain management to the next level.

The SmartHub introduces a new level of quality to your real-time tracking by digitalizing and automating your supply chain, warehouse, and fleet.

  • Improved real-time tracking
  • Automate processes
  • Fully digitalize supply chains
  • Access control for safety-relevant shipments
  • Integration for Tec4Cloud