Warehouse Mapping

from analog to digital: transform your warehouse mapping with Tec4med's plug & play wireless data loggers and Tec4Cloud software

24/7 real-time reports for temperature, humidity, air pressure & location monitoring according to GDP | GMP | GLP | MHRA | ISO17025 | 21 CFR Part 11
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Beacon Temperature Logger

Beacon Temperature Logger

Beacon Temperature Logger

Temperature and humidity can be easily monitored with the use of Beacon Wireless Temperature Loggers. These loggers eliminate the need for manual readings or USB readouts, providing a hassle-free solution for temperature and humidity monitoring. Simply put the device at the spot to be measured and access real-time data mapping through the SmartHub Gateway.

Wireless temperature loggers

Logging data

temperature, humidity


data transmission to Gateway

Real-time alerts

in case of deviations

What warehouse mapping by Tec4med can offer:

Refrigerators & Freezers

Mapping of refrigerators and freezers typically involves monitoring temperatures ranging from -50°C to +10°C. Tec4med also offers mapping solutions for ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezers, which can operate at temperatures as low as -90°C.

Ambient Storage Mapping

Ambient storage is ideal for products that need to be kept at room temperature, typically between 15°C and 25°C. Tec4med's warehouse mapping solutions provide an easy-to-use environment for the safe and efficient warehouse monitoring of goods.

fork lift loading truck for temperature monitoring

Cold Storage Mapping

Cold storage refers to refrigerated rooms or buildings designed to store products at temperatures below the outdoor temperature. These facilities are commonly used to store perishable food or pharma items, which must be kept within a temperature range of -50°C to +10°C to ensure their safety and quality.

SmartHub Gateway

SmartHub Gateway

SmartHub Gateway

The SmartHub Warehouse Mapping Gateway provides a convenient solution for monitoring multiple Beacons in real-time. With seamless integration capabilities, additional loggers can be added at any time, ensuring comprehensive coverage. The gateway also features real-time alerts and an e-ink display for the surrounding Beacons, providing a clear and up-to-date overview of your warehouse environment.

Warehouse Mapping Gateway

Transmitting data

in real-time to the Tec4Cloud

Connecting / collecting

multiple Beacon data logger


plug & play, magnetic wall mount




With the Tec4Cloud, you can view, document, manage deviations and your equipment with ease. The temperature mapping software is compliant with FDA Part 11 regulations and has undergone thorough IT validation, ensuring it meets the highest standards for accuracy and security. Whether you need to monitor temperature mapping for quality control purposes, or simply want to keep track of your equipment, Tec4Cloud offers a comprehensive and user-friendly solution.

Tec4Cloud Warehouse Visibility

View graphs

for temperature, humidity, air pressure


deviations & hot spots


add data loggers to measure even more accurately

Why Choose Tec4med's Temperature Warehouse Mapping Solution?


Tec4med's warehouse mapping solution is according to ISO17025 calibration and 21CFR PART11 compliance, ensuring accuracy and reliability. It is a user-friendly plug & play system and saves you time, making the process of monitoring temperatures easier and more efficient.

With Tec4med's warehouse mapping and accompanying app and cloud, setting up all the wireless data loggers is effortlessly done.

Beacon wireless data loggers offer real-time tracking capabilities, allowing you to monitor the data 24/7. This helps reduce risks, as any issues can be promptly identified and addressed.